Cisco 7916 IP Phone Expansion Module (CP-7916=)

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The Cisco 7916 Expansion Module extends the number of call appearances and feature buttons on Cisco 7962G, 7965G, and 7975G IP phones. It provides a total of 24 programmable buttons (2 pages of 12 buttons) for incoming calls, outgoing calls, and calling feature. Up to two 7916’s can be added per phone.



  • Programmable Line/Feature Buttons: 12 multi-colored LED buttons (2 pages, total of 24 programmable buttons)
  • Monitor Line Status: LED buttons make it easy to monitor line status (idle, ringing, busy, or null)
  • Expandable: Up to 2 Cisco 7916’s can be added per phone
  • Display: Large 4.3-inch graphical (TFT) color display, 16-bit color depth, 480 x 272 effective pixel resolution, with backlight
  • Simplify Dialing: Programmable buttons can be used for directory number (DN), line key, or speed-dial key
  • Optional Footstand Kits: Requires a single or double footstand kit, depending on how many 7916’s will be added per phone. Footstands are sold separately (see accessories above).


Compatible Telephones

  • Cisco 7962G, 7965G, 7975G IP Phones


Power Requirements

Depending on how many 7916 Expansion Modules you are installing and how your Cisco IP Phone is powered, you will require power supply unit(s) as follows:

  • Cisco IP Phone is Powered via PoE: With 1 or 2 Expansion Modules, you will need a power supply (sold separately)
  • Cisco IP Phone is powered via Power Supply: With 1 Expansion Module, you will not need an additional power supply. With 2 Expansion Modules, you will need an additional power supply.


Package Contents

  • 7916 Expansion Module
  • Interface Cable


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