Mitel Superset PKM 12 - Programmable Key Module (50000111)

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The Mitel PKM 12 is a 12 button programmable key module (PKM) used to monitor and manage multiple lines beyond the capability of digital phones. If being used in an enterprise or small business, the PKM will improve call handling for both customers and employees.



·       Provides 12 additional keys for easy addition of quick access function keys




·       Requires a Mitel Superset Interface Module 1 or 2 (sold separately)

·       Compatible with Mitel 4025, 4025 backlit, 4150, 4150 backlit digital phones

·       Mitel SX-200 - Mitel Lightware 17 or higher

·       Mitel SX-2000 - Mitel Lightware 29 or higher