Government and Corporate Credit Terms

At Shop4Tele, we understand the importance of providing flexible payment options to our valued customers. We are pleased to offer NET 30 credit terms to libraries, schools, government institutions, medical facilities, and qualified businesses. Our credit terms aim to simplify the purchasing process and streamline monthly expenses tracking.


  • NET 30 Credit Terms:
    Shop4Tele extends NET 30 credit terms to eligible customers, allowing you to pay off your orders within 30 days from the date of purchase. This provides you with the convenience of receiving the products and services you need promptly while giving you ample time to complete payment.

  • Lines of Credit:
    By establishing a line of credit with Shop4Tele, you gain the benefit of greater financial flexibility. Our lines of credit enable you to place orders and pay them off gradually within the agreed-upon credit terms. This arrangement provides you with more control over your budget and helps you manage your cash flow effectively.

  • Purchase Orders Requirement:
    To process any NET 30 order, we require a valid purchase order (PO) from your organization. Purchase orders ensure proper documentation and serve as a formal agreement between our company and your institution. Please make sure to include all necessary details, such as billing and shipping addresses, contact information, item descriptions, quantities, and agreed-upon pricing.

  • Order Processing:
    Once we receive your purchase order, our dedicated team will review and process it promptly. We strive to fulfill all orders efficiently, ensuring that you receive your products and services in a timely manner. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service and a seamless purchasing experience.

  • Qualifying for Credit Terms:
    Our team will assess your creditworthiness based on various factors, such as financial stability and payment history. Upon approval, you will have the option to establish a line of credit with Shop4Tele.


If you would like to apply for terms, please download our credit application and email it to