Shoretel IP 930D Wireless Phone with Base Station (10384) Certified Refurbished

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The Shoretel 930D is a high-performance wireless handset that includes a wide range of features for enhanced voice communications. The Shoretel 930D wireless handset is designed for use with the 930D Base Station. The Shoretel 930D is ideal for healthcare, light manufacturing, retail, and hospitality environments.


  • Display: 176x220-pixel resolution, backlit color LCD display
  • Call Appearance: Supports up to 3 lines
  • Fixed Feature Buttons: 12 key numerical keypad, Green key (answer), Red key (end call), Transfer, Conference, Redial, Hold, Menu, Speaker
  • Navigation Keys:  Four-way navigation and select keys
  • Softkeys: Three soft-key buttons to access screen-based applications, features, and functions
  • Speakerphone: Includes high-quality, half-duplex speakerphone
  • Audio: Supports G.711 and G.729a audio codecs. Quality of Service: 802.1pq, DiffServ/ToS.
  • Handset Connectivity: 930D Wireless Handset connects to the 930D Base Station via wireless DECT technology.
  • Base Station ConnectivityThe 930D Base Station comes with 2 Ethernet ports for network connectivity. The 930D Base Station can be powered via Power-over-ethernet (PoE) or optional PoE power adapter (see optional accessories).
  • Bluetooth: Not available
  • Headset Port: Includes 2.5mm headset jack.
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery. Delivers up to 12 hours of talk time, and 120 hours of standby time.
  • Network: Static or DHCP IP address assignment.
  • Expandability: Connect up to 4 Shoretel 930D Wireless Handsets per Base Station

System Compatibility

  • The Shoretel IP930D Base Station is compatible with Mitel MiVoice Connect (formerly known as Shoretel Connect ONSITE).
  • The Shoretel IP930D Base Station is also compatible with Shoretel Unified Communication Systems (Version ST14.2 and earlier).
  • The Shoretel 930D wireless handset connects to the Shoretel 930D Base Station via wireless DECT technology.
  • Up to 4 Shoretel 930D wireless handsets can be added per Base Station.

Package Contents

  • 930D Wireless Handset
  • 930D Charging Cradle with Power Adapter
  • 930D Base Station
  • Base Station Stand
  • Battery

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