Yealink W53H Wireless Expansion Handset

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The Yealink W53H is a high-performance wireless handset that includes a wide range of features for enhanced voice communications. The W53H wireless handset is designed for use with the W52P/W56P Base Station or the W60B Base Station. The W53H is ideal for healthcare, light manufacturing, retail, and hospitality environments.


  • Display: 1.8-inch, 128x160 pixel resolution, TFT color display
  • Call Appearance: Up to 2 concurrent calls per handset
  • Fixed Feature Buttons: 12 key numerical keypad, Green key (answer), Red key (end call), Messages, Mute, Speakerphone, Mute, Transfer
  • Navigation Keys:  Four-way navigation and select keys
  • Softkeys: Two soft-key buttons to access screen-based applications, features, and functions
  • Speakerphone: Includes high-quality, 2-way speakerphone
  • Audio: Supports G7.22 Wideband Audio Codec (HD Voice)
  • Bluetooth: Not available
  • Headset Port: Includes 3.5mm headset jack.
  • Battery: Delivers up to 18 hours of talk time, and 200 hours of standby time.
  • Quick Charge: 10-minute charge time for 2-hours of talk time.
  • Expandability: Connect up to 8 W53H handsets to the W52P/W56P base station or W60B base station

System Compatibility

  • The W53H handset is compatible with the W52P/W56P wireless phone systems or any system using the W60B base station
  • W60B Base Station – Supports up to 8 W53H handsets
  • W52P/W56P Base Station – Supports up to 8 W53H handsets

Package Contents

  • W53H Handset
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Belt Clip
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Charger Cradle 

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