Zebra LI2208 Scanner with USB Cable and Stand (LI2208-SR7U2100SGW)

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The Zebra LI2208 is a handheld barcode scanner designed to quickly and accurately capture 1D barcodes in a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. It features an ergonomic design for comfortable use during long scanning sessions. The LI2208 can read barcodes from a variety of surfaces, including mobile devices, and features an impressive motion tolerance that allows for fast scanning even when the barcode is in motion. Its durable construction and scratch-resistant tempered glass window make it a reliable and long-lasting solution for businesses of all sizes.


  • Can read a wide range of 1D barcodes on various surfaces, including mobile devices
  • High motion tolerance for fast scanning, even when the barcode is in motion
  • Durable construction with a scratch-resistant tempered glass window for long-lasting use
  • Designed for use in various industries, including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing
  • Provides an excellent scanning range, from near contact to over 30 inches away
  • Features bright LED and beeper indicators for easy and intuitive feedback on scanning status
  • Can withstand multiple drops from up to 6 feet to concrete, ensuring reliable operation in demanding work environments.
  • Quick and easy stand assembly allowing hands-free scanning mode for added convenience
  • Easy to set up and use, with intuitive programming and configuration options

Power Requirements

  • Powered through USB Cable

Package Contents

  • Zebra LI2208 Scanner
  • USB Type A Cable
  • Gooseneck Flex Stand

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